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Fine Art Painter

A Fine Art Painter Can Transform Your Home Or Office

Art is so diverse, with thousands of styles and different subject matters. William Demaria makes paintings and fine art prints. His paintings and prints are personal reflections of his experience of change in the landscape. This fine art painter's artwork focuses on familiar scenes he sees every day. His art also explores the various factors contributing to this everyday scene, such as climate change, development, and ideology. All of the paintings he sells are entirely original, and one-of-a-kind works of art.

William Demaria works as a private contract painter, where he works in intaglio, lithography, and screen prints. He is happy to assist artists through all stages of the printmaking process. His services range from plate development where he can assist in the drawing, applications of grounds, aquatint, and finally etching. He is also very experienced in printing editions.

Latest Paintings For Sale

Please contact William Demaria for his latest oil paintings for sale. Demaria paintings combine the aesthetics of historic realism with contemporary ideas and techniques. Demaria primarily paints on large canvases but also has smaller paintings available. William Demaria's palette consists not only of colors but the range of historic painting styles. William Demaria has work that will fit in both traditional and modern styled homes.

In addition to having numerous paintings that are available, William Demaria is open for commission. This means that you can have a painting created specifically to suit your home, offices, restaurants, and other places of business and leisure. If you are interested, Demaria can also have the paintings custom framed. This allows the frame to fit the content of the painting and the space the painting is to be installed. Custom Framed Paintings arrive ready to hang with your choice of various shipping options.

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