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Landscape Painter

Test the Limits of Your Creativity By Engaging a Local Artist

Traditional Landscapes can include beaches, mountains, flora, and fauna. The sky is usually the main element, and the weather often plays a vital role in the ultimate painting. Demaria is not interested in creating these types of landscapes. Instead, he is interested in painting subject less commonly represented in landscapes like the suburban landscape. Demaria does this with the hopes that he might help his viewers see beauty in the everyday instead exclusively in the idilic landscape.

William Demaria's semi-abstract and atmospheric landscapes have been exhibited in many notable places. This landscape painter can craft stunning landscapes and captivating still life paintings from a blank canvas. Here you'll find a combination of tonalist color sensibilities and other traditional techniques to create narrative realist paintings. Demaria's paintings are a great way to bring the outdoors inside with captivating scenes.

Dynamic Landscapes

Through his profound understanding of physical nature, this renowned landscape painter has assembled an exceptional collection of color paintings. The landscape is a dynamic and ever changing subject. Demaria distills his landscapes into a few visual subjects and tells his narrative through the composition of light. All the landscape art is 100% hand-painted on canvas by Demaria.

Why You Need a Local Artist

Perhaps you want to buy some artwork to display in your small business. Choose your favorite local paintings from Demaria's available designs. Over the years, William Demaria has done his best to be a local resource for local art lovers. Buy original paintings and limited edition intaglio prints. Form lasting relationships and get beautiful craft pieces from Demaria's hands to your home.

Whether you are looking for an original contemporary art painting or a Fine Art Intaglio print, William Demaria has you covered.

Engage Great Talent

If you are looking for something authentic created by a local artist, look no further. William Demaria is an artist on the verge of stardom. He has experience working in both fine Art and commercial context. From local beach scenes to Long Islands suburbs, this local artist has it all.

Shop for original oil paintings, limited edition intaglio prints, and monoprints.

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